Telephone and Internet Fraud

“Cold calling” (where you receive an unsolicited phone call out of the blue) is the bane of our lives today, typically with a land-line. Some cold calling may be from a legitimate business, but it’s a moot point whether cold calling is a legitimate activity these days: but many cold calls are criminally intent.

Such calls can be generated by computer: there is often a silence at the other end until a human being comes on the line. If you receive a ‘silent call’, hang up immediately. You can buy telephone sets that will screen calls, such as BT’s Call Guardian: this can be a bit of a fiddle, but you’d never have to answer a computer-generated cold call again!

There’s nothing quite as despicably mean, covert, unprincipled, and insidious, as the kind of personal fraud we see today, perpetrated through telephone calls, phishing emails, rogue web sites, or even a knock at the door. People have had their life-time savings taken having been duped into departing with their cash. The victims are often—but by no means always—vulnerable people.

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