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#HelpMenu Darker days or lighter - is your home secure?

Whether is the dark days of Winter or the long light days of Summer - or anything in between, it is always timely to check that your house is not vulnerable to opportunist thieves.  If you are out of your house a lot, and usually leave and return from work in the dark, then please take on board this advice.  

If no lights are on in your home, curtains are not drawn, and no cars on the drive, it's an obvious sign to an opportunist burglar that no-one is in.  Many (but not all!) opportunist burglaries occur in the late afternoons in the later Autumn and Winter months when it is getting dark and before most people get back in.  But don't forget - even during the lighter evenings, it’s really important to continue to be vigilant: keep doors and windows securely locked (even if it’s hot weather).

There are several simple things that you can do to help reduce the risks of crime, such as making it appear that someone is at home even if you're all out, ensuring that you have secure approved locks on doors and windows, and maintaining external automatic lighting. You can find information regarding home security on the Essex Police website -

There are a number of simple things which you could take on board, to help reduce incidents of crime.

If you hear or see anything suspicious please call Essex Police on 101 or 999 if you believe a crime is being committed.

We have seen a company that specialises in home security and crime prevention products from which some members have purchased various items with good feedback:-

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