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#HelpMenu Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle - this scheme is aimed at people who are on long-term medication and who may need assistance when they cannot take their medication.

The ‘bottle’ is a small capped container which is kept somewhere notable and accessible (such as in the fridge) and which contains details of the person’s next of kin, medical condition, allergies, medication, and doctor. The bottle should be easily findable in an emergency situation, and can act as a simple but effective lifesaver.

Two special stickers known to the emergency services come with the bottle: these are put up in the person’s house, one on the outside of the fridge door (or wherever the bottle may be kept), the other inside the person’s front door, where it should be easily visible in an emergency. The door sticker should be located where it cannot be seen from outside. The details in the bottle can save precious minutes in determining the medical condition of a collapsed or unconscious person.

The scheme is fully supported by Essex Police, Essex Fire and Rescue Service, and the ambulance service.

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